Before I Formed You In The Womb

A Celebration of Life

Come join us and help save the
unborn children of the world

If we could change just one mother's heart towards God and save an unborn life, what is that worth to you?

Now imagine if we can turn just one abortion provider or abortion advocate into an advocate for life. Imagine the impact you and I could have together!

The Artist

Scheduled to be aborted, saved at the last second, America’s most loved Christian
Fine Artist went from becoming one more abortion statistic to the creator of one
of the most powerful pro-life paintings

We as a foundation are excited to offer you this painting to help assist us in our
mission to save the unborn. Let’s form a partnership!

The funds raised from this piece of art will allow our foundation to continue its
mission, expand its reach, and take this life saving message of hope to the world.